Thermal Validations

• Autoclaves 
• ColdRooms
• Incubators/Ovens 
• Storage Cubicles 
• Warehouses 
• Water baths 
• Stability Chambers 
• Refrigerators / Deep Freezers 
• Industrial Furnaces 

HVAC Validations

• HEPA Filter Testing  
• Particle Counts 
• Air Velocity 
• Area Recovery
• Room balancing
• DP monitoring
• Air Changes
• Smoke Study

 Software Validations

• PLC Qualification
• HMI Qualification
• SCADA Qualification
• IO varifications
• Software validation & certification

Paper-Less Calibration

CaliPro - The Online Calibration System

Calibration Module
  • Field Device with android application and PC access through web interface
  • Equipment/instrument basic data automatic collection from planner database 
  • On the fly accuracy limit checks and status notification 
  • Software based calculations for error and acceptance limit 
  • Accessible from anywhere using a web browser 
  • Multiple workflow based review/approval system 
  • QR code based printed status label 
  • In built Master instrument acceptability check 
  • History log and certificate store. print from anywhere any time with Electronic signature
Planner Module
  • Equipment/Instrument Addition, Modification and Deletion
  • Automatic Calibration Scheduling
  • Fully customizable calibration frequency and tolerance structure with instrument lockout system
  • System driven customizable Alerts & Notifications
  • Accessible from anywhere using a web browser
  • Multiple workflow based review/approval system
  • Unlimited users and roles with customizable access rights
  • User defined Reporting system
  • Audit Logs and Change history
OOC module
  • Automatic OOC generation for Out of limit calibrations 
  • Inbuilt Investigation and CAPA system
    Multiple workflow based review/approval system 
  • Customizable review and approval flow
    Robust reporting system with audit log
    Instrument Lockout and release system
  • Multiple customized notification system


ISO 9001 : 2015

We are accredited to ISO 9001 : 2015 vide Certificate
No. 21EQDC41

ISO / IEC 27001 : 2013

We are accredited to ISO/IEC 27001 : 2013 vide Certificate No. 21EEDC47